Financing Your Log Home

J&J Log Homes participates with lenders to help customers arrange permanent as well as construction financing at very competitive rates. The financing consultants can pre-qualify a customer for financing before the purchase so that when they come to the actual financing stage, surprises can be avoided and delays minimized.

Some locations we have helped with financing include Pittsburgh, Butler and Butler County PA, Western PA, Eastern OH, West Virginia (WV) Maryland and other East Coast locations. However, we can assist with Financing anywhere in the United States and beyond.

Fulfill your Dream to Build your own Log Home
With the Nextier Mortgage Owner Consultant Loan for
J&J Log Homes

The Nextier Mortgage Owner Consultant Loan Program allows the homeowner more control than a typical owner contractor program while providing significant savings compared to other owner builder programs.

Be Confident in your choice and save money: The typical owner-builder program requires 20% down payment and additional charges of up to 2% of your loan amount.

  • NexTier's program allows a 10% down payment and our fees are up to .5% less than our competitors and our interest rates are typically lower. *

You will maintain control of the building of your home, gain the experience and advice of an experienced log home builder as well as have the ability to work with the expertise of NexTier Mortgage team as well as take advantage of a superior mortgage program.

Offered Exclusively with J&J Log Homes: This mortgage progam is offered exclusively with J&J Log Homes, who's impressive history in this highly specialized home building provides the benefit of their experience as well as pre-approved subcontractors for your project.

We care about your success: Participation in this loan program requires attendance at a J&J home building seminar as well as the Jim Barna building class.

What you need to provide: In addition to you building plans and specifications, you will need to provide the following:

  • A no-lien contract with each sub-contractor (subject to NexTier approval)
  • A certificate of insurance from each sub-contractor
  • Draw schedule (subject to NexTier approval)
  • Building Permit
  • Survey - lot and foundation required
  • Completion certificate from J&J seminar and Jim Barna class

Mortgage Product Options

NexTier will assist you to choose the right mortgage option -- from fixed rate products, adjustable rate products, interest only products and many others. As with any mortgage application, your loan will be underwritten in our offices.

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For More Information, please contact Heather Potts: 724-538-2222 or at

* Subject to Credit approval.